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New Creatives North Comission 

In 2019 I was given the opportunity to create three compositions through the New

Creatives commission scheme supported by Tyneside Cinema, BBC arts and Arts
council England and looked to connect the link between Music and mental health.
The tracks, now released under the title 'Ambedo', explores the three avenues, using primary and medical research to truly represent the symptoms of each condition. Ode to John represents
Dementia, Kuebiko; Post traumatic stress disorder. And finally, Ambedo looks into Schizophrenia.

I wrote 'Ode to John' about my personal relationship and journey with my grandfathers dementia. It was my first single release so decided to work alongside animator, Jackson Nash to create a visual representation of both the tracks themes and symptoms of the condition.

Ode to John


'Kuebiko' is an insight into Post traumatic stress disorder. 


'Ambedo' is an insight into Schizophrenia

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